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*plays with tie nervously at job interview* 

"Sorry, I’ve never had a job interview and I’m nervous haha."

"That’s okay just please stop playing with my tie and sit on your side of the desk"



Here’s a grand masterlist of crime-related resources. This list is organized into categories, so it is recommended that you take advantage of the CTRL+F function on your keyboard. Let me know if something is amiss, if you have a crime-related post and want it added to this list, or if you want a category added.

WARNING: Links under the cut are not labeled with trigger warnings for images, titles, or mentions of triggering subjects. Please be careful.

This will be updated every time I hoard more links. Last Update: 6/5/14.

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I can’t wait for the fic that I’m going to write after this fic I’m not writing because I still have to finish another fic (which I can’t seem to focus on).

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